Best Way to Get Lean: Taking the Path to Healthier You

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Among the many things that everyone in this world is stressfully concerned about is their body. We all want to know the best way to get lean and healthy. Yet, we struggle to conquer obesity, excess and stubborn fat, being underweight, having an under-toned body, and reduced stamina, among many other things.

Many of us seem to have tried it all too—from low-fat diets, protein diets, and cutting on calories to eating all veggies and no junk food. Unfortunately, these fads only offer short-term results, and the weight loss does not stay for long.

Like you, we have also been victims of these so-called weight loss miracle diets. However, what we learned from all of these is that the only way to achieve the best version of yourself is not to starve your body but to work hard for it. In this article, we will share with you how it is done.

Best Way to Get Lean: The Essential Steps

It is well-known all throughout the world that it takes a minimum of forty days to form a habit. In order to do this, you would need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Train yourself mentally by organizing and laying out a plan.

The best way to get into the habit of being mentally and physically fit is to plan every step of your journey. Here is how you can do it.

Prep and Gear Up

It is necessary to keep your exercise gear readily available before you begin. If you do a session in the morning, prepare your workout clothes the night before. All your exercise mat, weights, or any other equipment should be kept nearby, so you do not have to waste time prepping them up before your

Set Workable Goals

As a start of your routine, keep realistic goals. If you do not exercise at all, it is best if you keep short goals and routine at first. Exercise three or four times a week at first.  As you successfully follow through for at least fifteen days, gradually increase the days and/or the session time.

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Log It

Maintaining a log book of your workout sessions and nutrition intake is necessary to succeed. This helps to track your progress and even tell you which areas of your routine you should improve. You can do this the old-fashion way and keep a workout journal, or you can try using mobile fitness apps.

Some of the best apps for documenting your workout routine are MyFitnessPal, Lose It, Weight Watchers, Fitness Buddy+, and more.

Eat Smart Not Short

In order to lose weight the right way, it is essential to make some healthy changes in your diet. Protein, carbohydrates, and fat are all needed for your body to function at its best. They help build the body and provide the required energy for performing various tasks. Removing any one of these or reducing your intake from daily intake will not give you the desired results.

Eat in Moderation

Eat small meals at least five to six times a day. Plan and prepare your meals on weekends, making sure that it is filled with fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. It is also recommended to increase your intake of energy-rich food that fulfills your stomach but maintains your calorie intake. Food rich in carbohydrates should be taken after a workout because carbs help the growth and recovery process of the muscles.

Often, a lot of people make the major mistake of starving themselves. Do not deprive your body of fat as it can negatively affect your body. Serious health problems such as low energy, hormonal imbalance, poor immune system, less stamina, and strength arise.

Nutritious guidelines recommend an intake of 20 to 30% fat for essential growth. Consume a balance of saturated and unsaturated fat, focusing more on taking unsaturated fat from products such as olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

Eliminate Processed Snacks

Remove all processed snacks such as candies, biscuits, and chips from your home. If you have any lying around, you will be tempted to snack up on it, and all your efforts will go to waste. Replace them with natural, healthy

Roll It Out

Doing cardio exercises help burn excess fat faster. Running, walking, and swimming are all cardio exercises. You might also want to alternate your sessions with variety. This will not only eliminate boredom caused by doing the same routine over and over but will also alternate the effect on your body as different exercise affect the body

Another great cardio workout is circuit training. This is a combination of strength and aerobic workouts with short intervals in between.

You can also step up your game by doing high-intensity interval training also known as HIIT, which burns calories and fat faster than doing cardio. This is a great workout because your body keeps burning the calorie the entire day even after your HIIT session.

Add weights to your workout sessions. Weights help tone the muscles while also increasing the strength. You might also want to include some yoga exercises to cool your body down and help it recover fast. Certain stretching and breathing exercise help regulate your breathing and oxygen level, which helps the muscles recuperate quickly.

Hydrate and Rest

To ensure that you do not wear yourself out, drink plenty of water. A properly hydrated body guarantees energy. Drink water or refreshing fluids at all times. Drinking water not only helps the body in getting rid of toxins but also aid in burning more calories.

At the same time, have proper and complete rest. Sleep! You cannot expect to succeed if you do not give your body the rest it requires. A good sleep of at least six to eight hours is needed for your muscles to relax. It is also believed that you get the best quality sleep if you hit the sack between 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.

Seek Professional Guidance

For some people, planning and executing may not be their cup of tea. Many of us are tied up with our hectic schedule. If this is your case, then hire a personal trainer or opt for training programs. There are even professional guides available that provide authentic guidance for the perfect lean body.

For a low cost of $37, you a get a 2-minute routine that sheds that stubborn fat from your body within days. It does not require any supplements or equipment. The program is called Lean Body Breakthrough; an opportunity that many can afford.

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With an experience of 15 years, Bruce Krahn, author of many bestselling books on health and weight loss, helps you get the best body through his program.

Lean Body Breakthrough is a complete program for weight loss and lean body. The program consists of dietary guidelines for recipes as well as information on herbs and diet plans that improve the metabolism.

The 2-minute routine involves belly fat-reducing rituals and steps to increase metabolic rate. This program is specially designed for men and women.

Final Words

If you really want to achieve a lean and healthy body, then you should know that it requires time and effort. Plan, prepare and execute it smartly. Stop continuously monitoring the scale.

Do not push your body too hard as exerting extra pressure on it can cause physical harm. Instead, take things one step at a time. Opt for pre-planned guidelines for your convenience. And, again, remember that the best way to get lean is by eating a healthy, nutritious diet combined with doing an adequate amount of effective exercise.

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