How Fast Can You Lose Body Fat: A Guide For Proper Weight Loss

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When we are determined to lose weight, we go all out and do several things all at once. We try to reduce calories by making drastic changes to our diet. We engage in workouts in the hope of losing more pounds in a week. Some even go as far as starving and working out vigorously. Unfortunately, losing weight is not that simple as one has to know several things like the allowable weight to lose per week, safe way of dieting or how fast can you lose body fat, to name a few. It pays to know the best way to achieve your dream body without sacrificing your health.

Losing Weight Safely

Experts would tell you that it is advisable to lose as much as one to two pounds per week. Anything beyond can be considered excessive unless your doctors tell you to drop more pounds.
Many people think that losing weight means working out vigorously. To some extent this is true. However, one must keep in mind that working out helps in losing the pounds but is not the only thing needed to shed that excess weight. On the contrary, diet plays a vital role in one’s weight loss journey.

One has to keep in mind that people cannot burn everything he or she ate. In fact, a person can only burn 10 to 30 percent of what was eaten in a day. It even depends on what the person ate since high caloric food will take longer and more effort to burn.

As such, in losing weight, a person has to make adjustments to the diet. But this does not mean that you will cut on the food drastically. In fact, many experts do not recommend starving or depriving the body of the favorite food as this kind of diet may not be sustainable in the long run. For example, if you love chocolates, then you can eat them in moderation. You do not have to go for weeks or even months without it, but rather take them in small amounts while keeping in mind your allowable calories for the day.

Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss

It is important to note that losing weight does not mean that you’re losing fats. On the contrary, one can shed off their pounds but not lose their fats in the body.
This is where exercise and strength training comes in. If one relies on dieting and reducing calories per day, then it is possible to drop weight but lose lean muscle mass rather than body fats. Those who are reducing their calories without going for some strength training may lose 25 percent of their lean muscle mass for every pound lost.
Eating less and moving more is the best way to lose body fat. If one loses weight quickly, then he or she may also hasten the loss of muscle rather than fats. This is because our bodies would hold onto the remaining fat to prevent starvation.

How Fast Can You Lose Body Fat: Keys to Losing It

Many people who want a leaner body often ask how fast can you lose body fat? Unfortunately, while there are guidelines on the allowable pounds to be lost per week, there are no fast and hard rules on how much body fats can be lost in a specific amount of time. However, experts do say that it is advisable to go for one percent body fat loss in a month.

To achieve such, one has to plan on preserving the lean muscle mass. But again, working out has to be included in this plan. It is no secret that cardio exercises help in one’s overall health and in achieving one’s desired weight and body. It is recommended that those looking to eliminate body fat should at least go for 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercises per week.

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However, cardio exercises are not the only thing one needs. As mentioned, strength training is also crucial in building and preserving the muscles in the body. Experts recommended going for at the very least two full-body strength training sessions every week. Plus, the weights must be challenging and must be done in sets of eight to 12. When a person is stronger, additional sets can be added, which can help in losing more body fats.
Eating the right amount of protein is also needed to preserve the muscles especially after workouts to help the muscles grow.

Body Fat Measurements

When aiming for a leaner body, we must know our body fat measurements. Keep in mind that the body has two kinds of tissues: fat and lean. The muscles are a lean mass tissue along with the bones, internal organs, and connective tissues. It is also wise to remember that having fats in the body is necessary as some parts of the body need them.

In fact, men need two to five percent fat while women require ten to 13 percent fat to support the basic functions of the body. Childbearing has a role to play on why women need more body fat than men.
It is essential to measure one body fat levels to know whether your body has a healthy amount of stored fat or an excessive amount that can be a cause of a wide range of health problems.

An Important Tip

One can easily find readings on the Internet about the healthy way of losing weight. Such articles can be beneficial. However, one has to consider that our bodies are different and the guidelines provided in those articles may not apply to your body and health situation.

Yes, it is alright to try to lose pounds and opt to shed off some of the body fats, but in many cases, it is still advisable to see a medical professional before engaging in a strict weight loss regimen. This is especially true for people who are suffering from certain medical conditions. Plus, those who wish to engage in rigorous strength training may want to see a doctor first to find out if their bodies can take such training or ask for precautions to avoid overuse or worse, injuries.

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