How Quickly Can You Lose Weight Normally?

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Fitness in modern society is seen as being more than just a fad with several organizations expressing their support in keeping a fit and holistic lifestyle. This is the reason why some would ask “How quickly can you lose weight under normal circumstances?

First off, how are normal circumstances defined?

Normal circumstances, in this particular light, means doing everything as is without causing drastic changes to your daily habits and adding or removing anything non-essential to your diet.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Sometimes the question is not “How quickly can you lose weight?” but “What will losing weight do for me?” There are many apparent benefits of losing weight which include but is not limited to the following:

  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Better Sleep Pattern
  • Lower Risk of Acquiring Heart Diseases
  • Better Pain Management
  • Improved Immune System
  • Breathe More Freely
  • Improved Mobilit
  • Reduced Risk of Acquiring Diseases
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Improved General Outlook On Life
  • Longer Life Span
  • Better Relationships

Start With The Goal In Mind

To be successful with anything in life, you have to have a clear goal, and you have to set it firmly in your mind. Having a goal and giving it a timeline makes it a plan which puts everything into focus.

Start off by measuring your current weight, record it and find your target weight. Your target weight should correspond to your height, wherein the BMI would fall under normal, not overweight or obese.

Add the amount of time that you think you would need to get to your desired weight. Some fitness apps can automatically do the calculation for you and provide you the entire fitness plan at a higher level.

Three Cornerstones Plus One

There are three fundamental cornerstones which can guarantee weight loss; these are regular exercise, proper diet, and measurement tracking. All three work hand in hand to give you the best fitness plan that suits your lifestyle.

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1. Regular Exercise

The body is a complex machine where it takes in fuel, in the form of food, and stores it for later use. Logically, it is then just right that you find ways to use up this fuel so you can store up some more energy which then becomes a cycle of sorts.

This is where regular exercise comes in as a body in motion burns up excess energy stored in fat, allowing you to shave off weight and then replace it with more fat that you can burn more easily. Regular exercise also makes you more nimble and flexible and also helps develop and improve your immune and respiratory system.

Forms of Exercise

There are several forms of exercises that you can consider, depending on how much effort you can exert at any given time. Regular exercise can be done in the form of an aerobics session, running, weight-lifting, spinning and cycling, among others. Fitness enthusiasts would recommend getting a mix of both strength and cardiovascular exercises as these make your heart stronger and your body better.

Duration of Exercise

It is advised that you perform at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, with a longer session on weekends or whenever you have a day off.

2. Proper Diet

Diet is commonly defined as the way or amount we ingest food, and this has an impact on our overall health. Much like what we learned during elementary days, our daily diet should follow the food pyramid. However, some fitness advocates have come up with a few modifications of their own which can help you lose weight faster.

Diet Fads

These diet fads, more often than not, are based on the food pyramid with stresses on particular food groups or nutrients that the body should have. These diet fads include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Atkins
  • Paleo
  • High-Protein, Low Carb
  • Juicing
  • Kale-yo
  • Keto

Diet Choice

These diet fads often require drastic changes to the amount and the kind of food that we eat, and it can sometimes be daunting at first, but you do get used to it. However, some diets may cause more harm than good so always consult with a licensed practitioner before indulging yourself with these so-called diet fads.

3. Track Everything

Fitness plans, believe it or not, can be seen as a set of values or numbers that can be reordered and analyzed to derive the best possible solution. Tracking values that are relevant to a fitness plan can help you make vital decisions like changes in diet or moving from one form of exercise to another.

Which Ones to Track?

There are a lot of body measurements that can be derived from your weight. This includes your body mass index, bone density, and blood pressure, as well as your body fat percentage and body age. Some experts also advise tracking the food you eat, as well as the calories that they provide and the nutrients that they contain.

Where to Record Them?

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Fitness apps are available for download in either the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android. These apps can focus on weight management alone while some has gone beyond that and have integrated tracking with your favorite sport like running and cycling. These apps not only track your workouts, but they also show you how much you’ve consumed and how much you can burn.

How Quickly Can You Lose Weight Normally?

Losing weight fast is possible, but it can lead to serious health complications especially if you lose weight too fast or if you have consumed a supplement that’s not a past cable for you. Target at least a weekly weight loss of two pounds at the start until you notice that you can lose more. Gradually adjust your diet and make an effort to commit to the fitness plan.

This includes waking up early or staying up late for that half-hour worth of exercise and disciplining yourself to say “No!” to added sugar and empty calories. Losing weight is not easy. If it was, then no one would strive to lose more than they should.

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