How to Use an Ab Roller

Using an Ab Roller

When it comes to using an ab roller, you will see people doing all types of movements, with different speeds and for a different number of repetitions. Thus, how do you perform an ab roll and what is the best approach to see real results?

The basics: Using an ab roller

When it comes to working your core and the abdominal muscles, it will prove important to include variation as with any type of muscle. This is where you will have the ability to actually increase the intensity, variation and types of exercises you perform as you will start to see the strength increase in your abdominal muscles.

An ab roll comes as one of the advanced techniques beginners think is impossible to master. But your goal is to gain strength in the abs as this will allow you to perform many types of exercises. Thus, to gain strength, you will need to engage the ab roller and find the right solution when it comes to a good exercise routine.

The best ab roller workout

Abs can be trained as any muscle groups, at least one time per week. Training abs can also be done at the end of your workouts. This is where using an ab roller will prove to be a simple and efficient method of training your abs. Thus, you will want to ensure you get the most out of your training by simply using two simple principles which involve increasing difficult by:

  • Volume
  • Time under tension

Increasing difficulty by volume will simply mean that, in time, you will need to perform more ab rolls and this means that you will also get to strengthen your core for better control. Increasing difficulty by time under tension will involve a different approach. Instead of focusing on the number of repetitions, you will now focus on the control of the exercise, making sure you take your time rolling forwards and back into your starting position.

Best time to use an ab roller

Many people ask themselves when is the best time to use an ab roller? The truth is that it should be used when you train abs. Thus, if you train abs two times per week, you can include the ab roller in at least one of these training sessions. This will improve the variation of your workouts as you’ll get to engage your abs from a different perspective and it will also prove to be good coordination and balance exercise which might not be improved by doing simple crunches.

This is why using the ab roller in addition to your other types of exercises will prove to be the best approach. Most people tend to train their abdominal muscles with other groups, such as the legs, at the end of their workouts. But there are other options which can also help and they include the dedicate ab training day. This means, that on time per week you would only focus on your ab exercises. With a dedicated approach, you can thus ensure that your workouts are maximized and that you have enough freedom to perform all the ab rolls you want.

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Best nutrition for ab roller workouts

When it comes to nutrition, you might think that you will be able to eat the foods you typically eat. But the truth is that you will need to change the way you eat and you will also need to change the meal timing. Since the constant core activation comes with the ab roller exercises, it will prove important not to eat for at least one or two hours prior to your workout.

Furthermore, since you will be training abs, you will need to ensure you get the right nutrition which allows you to see the results. Thus, you will get to see real results when you will actually improve the caloric intake and you will also start to avoid certain foods which include processed options as well as bloating foods such as many sugary drinks. This is why to really see the abdominal definition you want, you will need to ensure you improve your nutrition.

How to develop the balance to use an ab roller

There are certain exercises which can help you improve your performance with an ab roller. To begin with, you can start using an ab roller to get used to its moving pattern. But some other exercises can also help. One of these exercises is the plank. You can start doing this isometric exercise for long period of time of up to a few minutes to develop the strength of your core. The exercise will also train your posture so it will prove to be a great option from multiple perspectives.

Furthermore, it will prove to be one of the most important options to work with as it will manage your overall muscle balance as well. You can also start performing the plank with TRX bands or other suspension training systems as it will add a degree of difficulty. The main purpose of these exercises is to actually improve the strength in your core which is crucial when it comes to performing the best ab roller exercises.

Thus, using an ab roller is not too complex if you know how to use the right approach. Instead of focusing on the different difficulties you have performing the exercise, you can take the opportunity to improve the strength in your core and the overall muscle coordination needed to perform ab rolls. You will also have the ability to work on your posture in the process with isometric exercises such as the plank. This means that you will get the ability to improve your overall characteristic routines and that, at least once per week, you will use the ab roller to your desired level. You will also see that the ab roller can be used in different ways which can focus on the number of repetitions you perform or the time under tension and the controlled repetitions approach which will increase the overall difficulty level of the movements.

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