Veggies that Kill Belly Fat

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Whether we want to admit it or not, all women would love to have a flat tummy and all men would love to have washboard abs. After all, a flat tummy shows that we are healthy and we care enough to take care of ourselves. That is why the weight loss industry is making millions every year.

Veggies that Kill Belly Fat

Every day, you hear about a new breakthrough diet or a miracle weight loss product that will cost you thousands. However, did you know that just a few simple changes and additions of healthy foods such as veggies that kill belly fat will help you lose the weight you want to?

Following are a few of the foods that will help you burn belly fat.


So, it’s about the middle of the morning and you have a sudden craving for that unhealthy sugary or salty snack. Did you miss breakfast? Perhaps you did eat breakfast, but you didn’t have enough- and now your glucose levels are dropping.

One way to avoid this is to eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal is packed with fiber and your body takes longer to process it- so you feel fuller longer. When you choose oatmeal, make sure that you choose the one that doesn’t have added sugars/flavors. You can sweeten it yourself with banana slices or berries.


Nuts or seeds, such as walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pistachios- and any other nuts/seeds keep you slim and full. In addition, they are packed with many healthy oils and minerals.

In fact, one Purdue University study revealed that individuals who consume nuts/seeds feel satiated much longer than those who nibbled on rice cakes. According to the experts, you should eat 24 almonds daily to satisfy hunger pangs. This way, you avoid consuming too many calories. However, you must avoid the salted nuts, as they are high in sodium, which is not good for your blood pressure.

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Not just any meat- lean meat/white meat is the best way to keep fat from settling in your belly. Meats such as fish, free-range chicken, and even grass-fed beef have been proven to burn away unwanted fat. In fact, one study revealed that grass-fed beef contains a substance known as CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. Don’t bother taking a supplement, it’s not the same- and has more side effects than it does benefits.

An interesting fact about proteins is that your body naturally burns about 30 percent of its calories after consuming foods that are high in protein.

Protein Powder

Protein powder isn’t just for bulking up at the gym- it’s also beneficial for weight loss, as it contains amino acids that increase muscle and burn away fat. Simply add 2 scoops of protein powder to your smoothie for a belly fat burning drink. The good thing is, protein powder is easily accessible.

When you do add protein powder to your smoothie, you must make sure it’s a healthy smoothie. You don’t want to add it to a sugary or chocolaty smoothie. Make your own by mixing low-fat milk, unsweetened yogurt, and fruits.


This may sound a little crazy since the idea is to burn belly fat. After all, isn’t oil full of calories?

This is referring to oils that contain useful calories- not empty ones. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and canola oil are effective for helping your body burn fat. They keep cholesterol levels low and satisfy cravings, so you avoid consuming unnecessary calories. The unhealthy oils are the hydrogenated oils that are packed with trans-fats and saturated fats.


Legumes such as black beans, lima beans, and navy beans are packed with fiber, which helps facilitate the body’s process of getting rid of waste. In addition, they are low in calories and full of protein, which will help you lose weight and tone up.

Start adding legumes to your meals and you’ll see a change in your metabolism. So, about once a week, instead of having a meat based meal, have a bean burrito or something. Keep in mind though, refried beans are not a great option because they contain saturated fats. Instead, choose black or pinto beans.

Green Veggies

Veggies like romaine, spinach, kale, arugula, and broccoli are full of essential vitamins and minerals- and they are very low in calories. In addition, spinach and broccoli are packed with fiber, which is effective for increasing your metabolism and decreasing constipation.

By eating a salad before your meal, you’ll feel fuller and you’ll eat less of the main course and side dishes. Keep in mind that iceberg lettuce is low in fiber, so it’s really not an ideal choice for veggies.


When you’re trying to beat belly fat, you’ll want to consider adding some veggies that kill belly fat to your diet. This way, you can get the flat tummy you desire.

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