Visalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder Review

Visalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder Review

We are going to lengths today to lose weight or just to be fit and more people are joining this bandwagon each day. In fact, we are confident that you may have seen at least a post or two a day about weight loss or health tips on your social media feed.

Unfortunately, not everyone is too well versed in what’s the right way to lose weight. Hence, several people tend to take some extraordinary steps which in turn harm the body than actually doing any good to it.

Some people tend to fall for those unproven “diet and weight loss pills” that they see online. These pills tend to either make very little to absolutely no difference in a person’s weight. One thing, however, that is gaining popularity is the weight loss protein powder which is fairly new on the market.

Protein powder drinks are quite nutritious and tasty since these are designed in a manner that they take the place of your meals while giving you a ton of energy. They keep you feeling full and healthy. When these drinks are combined with exercise, they may even help in increasing your metabolism.

The question is, “Are there any good protein shakes for weight loss on the market?” The ViSalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder is one product that claims to be helpful, and we’ll review it in detail.

The Vi-Shape Protein Powder

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Vi-Shape comes in the form of protein powder and is basically a diet shake. It is important to note that the powder alone does not have any kind of ingredients for weight loss. However, replacing certain meals with this protein shake will cut down on unhealthy foods that you typically consume.

Vi-Shape might be a great product on your journey to fitness, but you must note that consuming this alone will not do you any good. You must follow a proper diet and regular exercise too for it to actually work. It is also great for people who suffer from Celiac disease as it is free from gluten.

This product is also free from all lactose and is safe for consumption for people who suffer from heart diseases. Additionally, the product is filled with 25 different vitamins and minerals and is certified OU Kosher.

Who Manufactures Vi-Shape?

Vi-Shape is manufactured and marketed by a famous weight loss company called Visalus which is based in Michigan, USA. They are known to produce products that are geared towards weight loss and overall health. They have a variety of health supplements that are designed for individuals who want to bulk up.

How Does it Work?

If your expectation from the product is to magically make you lose weight by just consuming it, then you are profoundly mistaken. Vi-Shape is not a fat burner or even a booster for your metabolism, but basically, a meal replacement and each ingredient used is healthy for the body.

A smart way to use this to the best of its ability is by replacing meals in your day to day lives that are known to have very high levels of calories. These are the meals that you are quite accustomed to and are also quite unhealthy for you.

To give you a clearer idea, if you eat a cheeseburger or a steak that has at least 500 calories or even more, it is best to skip a meal like that and switch to drinking the Vi-Shape protein drink.

Not only will this drink make you feel full but also provide you only with the absolute necessary calories that your body needs. Doing so on a day to day basis will drastically reduce the level of calories you take in. This, paired with a healthy lifestyle or regular exercise will lead to you losing weight quickly and effectively.


  • The Visalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder has about only 90 calories for each serving. This is great as it will help you lose weight quicker.
  • It has only seven grams of carbs per serving making it lower than most meals you consume.
  • The protein shake is rich in fiber specifically five grams of fiber per serving.
  • The product is certified OU Kosher.
  • This protein shake has a pleasant taste that can be tolerated by many individuals.


  • The protein powder is known to contain preservatives, soy-based ingredients, and sucralose.

A Summary of What the Product Can Offer

The Visalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder is an excellent meal replacement in order to get the ball rolling for weight loss. This product contains only 90 calories per serving, which means that replacing a meal with this drink will not just make you feel full but also ensure that your calorie consumption is to the bare minimum.

Likewise, it also contains a lesser amount of carbohydrates to hinder increased stored fat production. Thus, this drink paired with regular exercise will ensure that you lose weight effectively.

A Helpful Comparison

We compared the Visalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder to the Herbalife Formula 1. It was evident initially that the former protein powder was significantly better than the latter. Let us list you the top reasons why.

  • While both the protein powders offer 90 calories per serving, the Vi-Shape protein drink has only 75 mg of sodium per serving in comparison to the 95 mg per serving in its counterpart.
  • Additionally, the Herbalife Formula 1 has about 13 grams of carbs per serving while its counterpart has only 7 grams of carbs per serving.
  • To top it off, even the sugar level in the Herbalife Formula 1 is significantly higher. It has nine grams of it per serving in comparison to the less than one gram per serving in its counterpart.

Final Conclusion

The Visalus Vi-Shape Weight Loss Protein Powder is a fantastic product that will aid in your process of losing weight. This may help in reducing your appetite and to a certain extent will even help you lose weight, but nothing will beat a perfect combination of this and exercise.

You will certainly end up losing weight quickly. This drink is a fantastic meal replacement, and you would be happy with this buy.

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