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How to Use Recumbent Bikes: Steps, Benefits and Tips

So, you’ve got a stationary bike in front of you that’s somewhat different from the ones you are used to seeing. The pedals are positioned in front. It has a larger seat with a backrest. And, you have to be in a reclined position to get it to work. That, my friend, is a recumbent […]


Does Walking Burn Belly Fat?

Belly fat not only looks very unpleasant, but it also possesses a severe health risk. In fact, people with belly fat have twice the risk of heart attack compared to other people. There are many exercise routines that you can follow to get rid of it, but does walking burn belly fat? Today, we will […]


How Much Belly Fat Is Too Much: Risks and Solutions

Belly fat is one of the most stubborn problems that affect a huge percentage of the population. Many factors are at play including age, overeating, and a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of us have varying fat content in our body, but how much belly fat is too much? Being aware of your body’s fat content […]


Why is Belly Fat Hard to Lose: Five Surprising Fixes

Wondering why is belly fat hard to lose? Don’t worry since we’ve all been stuck in the same vicious cycle that you find yourself in now. Even though you have been watching what you eat and adding more exercise to your daily activity schedule, the extra pounds you want to get rid of at your […]


Why Is My Stomach Getting Bigger with Exercise?

A wave of displeasure often hits people who are on fitness journeys when they realize that their stomach is growing larger instead of smaller after starting to diet and exercise. Some even wonder if their body is having a bad reaction to the changes. So, if you find yourself wondering and asking, “Why is my […]


Weight Loss Motivation: Finding the Drive to Lose Weight

Generally, one of the hardest things to do in life is to find your weight loss motivation. Contrary to widespread belief, finding motivation to lose weight is not as easy as you would think it to be. In some instances, especially if your excess weight is caused by an underlying condition, then the process to […]


What to Eat to Get Lean: Keeping It Yummy and Healthy

Whether you admit it or not, we know that you secretly desire to have that perfectly toned, lean figure. Well, we dream of the same thing! While exercise is important for attaining such a physique, your diet plays the primary role in achieving this goal. That being said, many of us are left wondering what […]

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