Juboury Fitness Tracker Review

Juboury Fitness Tracker Review
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If there is one single way to guarantee good health, it is through physical fitness. There is no better way to ensure good health than through exercising. In fact, exercising offers more than just long-term health benefits. Physical exertion directly affects our energy levels, mood and our general outlook on life.

Ever heard of the runner’s high? It’s that feeling of euphoria you feel during your runs. When we are running or any physical exercise for that matter, certain chemical and hormones are released into the brain. The biochemical shift in our mind makes up feel happy, energized and so on.

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The general sense of wellness and immediate fulfillment is probably why the sensation is equated to intoxication. Regular exercising is one of the greatest joys of being alive. It might not be something that is easily imaginable, but you definitely feel it once you experience it.

It is this reason alone that fitness trackers have become so immensely popular. Despite countless apps for fitness tracking that make smartphones do what fitness bands do, we still see increasing use of fitness trackers.

Fitness bands serve a number of distinct purposes, and this is why so many people despite their level of fitness find them useful. First of all, they help people keep track of their workouts and level of activity. It is an excellent way to analyze our efforts and gains retrospectively.

But aside from that, it really helps people who are looking to be more active achieve their goals or at the very least start working towards their goals. The ability to track such information can be immensely helpful. Not only do these devices act as a reminder but also as a motivator to do more.

In this article, we will look at Juboury Fitness Tracker and see it can help us achieve our fitness goals. We will try to go through its features and compare it with another product to get some perspective on what else is available.

Juboury Fitness Tracker


Juboury Fitness Tracker is a fitness band and an activity tracker. It also doubles as a sleep tracker if you continue to wear it while you sleep. The band perpetually tracks our physical state whether we’re asleep, at work or out for a run.

It features a heart rate monitor that allows it to track the level of our physical exertion throughout the day and monitor the quality of our sleep at night. It can also track our steps and the total distance we’ve traveled. But most importantly, it can track the number of calories we’ve burned throughout the day, which helps us determine if we need to be more active or not.

The fitness band has a built-in reminder and alert for a number of things. Of course, we can use it simply as an alarm clock, but it can also be used to provide us with reminders if we haven’t had enough physical activity throughout the day.

Since the tracker connects to a smartphone, it can act as an extension of our smartphone like most smartwatches do. For example, you can get notifications for any incoming calls, text messages, emails, etc. Interestingly, it can also be used to remotely control our phone’s camera and act as a phone finder.

Lastly, the fitness tracker has its own unique and an incredibly user-friendly app called SmartWristband 2. Of course, you would need a smartphone that operates on either Android 4.4 or iOS 8 or above. The smart band supports Bluetooth connectivity on version 4 and above, which provides a stable and reliable connection.


  • The fitness band is available in five different colors.
  • It has a built-in USB design, which means it doesn’t require a charging cable.
  • It has its own unique smartphone with that offers a number of fitness metrics.


  • You can’t use the fitness band while swimming.
  • It has relatively low battery life and will require a charge after three or five days.


All in all, Juboury is a fantastic fitness band. Although it might not be at par with most of the high-end fitness bands, it still offers all of the main features we’ve come to expect of most fitness hands.

It has its own smartphone app that offers more than just the ability to set alarms and alerts. Another great thing about the fitness band is that you can change its band, which is a great feature because it offers aesthetic variety. Since a fitness band is also a fashion accessory, it is a wonderful option to have.


Now let’s take a look at another smart fitness band so we can make a quick comparison of the two products. For comparison, we could look at LETSCOM Fitness Tracker. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker also tracks all of our physical activities through the day such as total steps taken and the distance traveled. It also provides an estimate of how many calories we’ve burned throughout the day.

It has a feature called, multi-sports tracking, which offers 14 different modes to record as data in categories. For example, if you are cycling for your commute, you can switch the mode so that the information is recorded in the cycling mode. This way you can differentiate between how you spent your time being active and you distinguish how many calories you burnt during different exercises.

Despite all of these features, its app disappoints in almost every regard. It has a very simple app that is good for only switching modes to see information, setting alerts and notification and so on. Other than this one little thing it is the perfect smart fitness band.


As you can see from the comparison of the two fitness bands, both activity trackers offer incredible value and can really enhance the quality of our workouts. However, these products despite how many features they have, are only as good as their apps.

There is no doubt that LETSCOM’s app will improve in the future with the upcoming update but until then our verdict goes in Juboury’s favor. Juboury Fitness Tracker is an excellent smart fitness band, and you should definitely give it a look if you are looking buy a new fitness tracker.

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