ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars: Snacking Has Never Been This Good!

ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars
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Nowadays, striving to lose weight is as much of a challenge as climbing Mount Everest, with large portion sizes and tempting desserts distracting you, tempting you to take a bite and indulge in their sweet, heavenly goodness. Snacking and throwing caution to the wind are two of dieting’s main enemies, so it is no wonder that physicians would recommend snaking on something with low carb, low sugar and low salt snacks like soda crackers or ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars.

These protein bars are a heavenly combination of rice crispy treats and sweet vanilla yogurt but without the added sugar and carbohydrates. The energy that they pack in is sufficient to fuel you in the gym, making it a good complement to any weight loss program.

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Features of the ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars

  • Yogurt Coating

These bars are a lustrous mix of rice crispies and a sweet vanilla yogurt coating but without the added sugars and the extraneous carbs.

  • Low-Calorie Snack

Each snack size bar weighs in at 160 calories which are sufficient to provide you with energy that you will need for a workout while still keeping it low so that it does not fill you up or make you crave for more.

  • Low Carbohydrate Count

Each bar of this protein bar has an amazingly low carbohydrate count that checks in at eight grams, including the carbohydrates from the sugar content that it has.

  • High Protein

Each bar has a protein content of 15 grams which is high enough given the size of each serving. Protein helps your body heal and develop its muscle groups.

  • High-Fat Content

Each serving of the ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars can meet up to 11% of your average daily requirement, most of which is saturated fat which is the healthier kind as it can easily be broken down inside the body.


  • The ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars can be a great candy substitute, especially if you can’t keep away from the sweet stuff.
  • The yogurt coating is sweet enough to abrade sugar cravings even without any of the added sugars, and, as an after effect, it can prevent a debilitating sugar crash.
  • The texture of this protein bar is great, feeling like rice crispies, and they have a good taste. Each bite will give you a soft yet crumbly feel which releases the flavors from the rice crispy treats inside.
  • The nutritional content of this protein bar makes it a great dietary complement to any fitness plan. The high protein and high-fat content give you the necessary energy boost needed for your workout.
  • The calorie content of this protein bar is sufficient to make it a good meal replacement option, especially if you’re always on the go.
  • Being a meal replacement, this means that this protein bar may replace a meal or two which makes it an ideal complement to any weight loss plan.
  • The taste of these bars is not artificial, and the sweet vanilla coating tastes all natural.
  • The protein bars have a crumbly texture and yet soft to the bite, making it a great bar to snack on after a workout.


  • These protein bars can have a little bit of alcohol aftertaste, and the vanilla flavor is a bit overpowering. Pair it up with the right drink and give it some time, you’ll grow accustomed to the taste. The alcohol-ish aftertaste does go away after a few more bites.


The ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars is a meal on its own that comes in a compact size. The high protein and low carb content can make it a great dietary supplement, especially since it tastes great, and it keeps you away from unnecessary sweets and candies.

The sweet vanilla yogurt coating is excellent in keeping the rice crispy treats inside, and the coating’s sweetness masks the fact that there are no added sugar or artificial flavors to this handy fitness snack. The fat content of this protein bar breaks down easily, making it easy to digest, and these fats add more punch to the energy that the other components of the ThinWorks bar bring inside your body.


The ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars can be compared with the Atkins Protein-Rich Meal Bar which clocks in at only three to four grams of net carbs and nine to 17 grams of protein. The protein bar from Atkins is a good source of fiber and protein, and it comes with some essential vitamins and minerals which may help your body recuperate after a grueling session in the gym.

This protein bar also contains no added sugar, as well as not artificial flavorings and preservatives. The Atkins Protein Bar also delivers up to 250 calories per serving, making it enough to power you through a sleepy section of the day or energize you during your time in the gym.


While both the ThinWorks Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein Bars and the Atkins Protein-Rich Meal Bar can deliver almost the same amount of nutrients based on their packages, the former protein bar seems to be the snack of choice between the two products. Both products deliver a close amount of protein, 15 grams for ThinWorks and 16 grams for Atkins while keeping the carb and sugar content very low. This is true as well for the number of fats and fiber that each bar can provide your body.

However, the advantage of ThinWorks comes from its unique flavor and texture, as well as its lower calorie content.
Vanilla and Rice Crispies can be bland when compared to Peanut Butter and Chocolate but Vanilla and Rice Crispies do not fuel sugar cravings, and in fact, addresses it with just one bite. Snacking on the Atkins Bar makes you feel like eating a regular chocolate candy bar which gives you that desire to grab another one, and another, especially once you’ve savored and enjoyed the taste. The ThinWorks bar, on the other hand, comes in that subtle vanilla yogurt flavor which does not give you that same craving while meeting the sugar needs of your body.

The ThinWorks bar also feels light once eaten and has a low-calorie value of 160 calories while the Atkins bar may give up to 250 calories per bar, which makes it a bit heavier on the stomach and eating more than one per day may prevent weight loss.


There are many ways to lose weight, and not all of them are guaranteed to give you the weight that you want with the amount of time you are willing to give it. Diets and fitness plans, like most plans, are only as good as their first day and once the different variables kick in, you may realize that it’s not your cup of tea.

Products like ThinWorks bars and Atkins bars are just supplements to your fitness plan, and your weight loss should not be dependent on how much of them you have already consumed. Eat them sparingly, limiting them during workouts or during long board meetings where everything is dull, and always keep in mind that you need to put in more hours at the gym, get some more rest and eat healthy so that you can get to your desired weight in no time.

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