Yunmai Body Fat Scale

Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor Review

One of the cornerstones of every fitness plan is the daily monitoring of your vital statistics and measurements. This includes, but not limited to, weight, pulse, blood pressure, body fat percentage, basal mass index or BMI, waistline, and temperature. Several fitness devices like the Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor have been released to make tracking these measurements easy as the figures can be daunting at times.

The main benefit of tracking your daily measurements is that it tells you how effective your current fitness plan is and helps you determine what else you can improve on when it comes to getting more significant results. A weighing scale provides you your weight while a scale like that of Yunmai’s offers more than that. It can track other measurements, too.

Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor


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  • Accurate Readings

The Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor is equipped with precision measuring instruments that give out accurate readings.

  • Multiple Body Measurement Tracking

This fitness scale can measure your weight, muscle mass, total body fat, body age, body mass index, bone mass, basal metabolic rate or BMR and even your hydration levels.

  • Automatic Data Syncing

The free fitness app can automatically sync with more popular fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health, which ensures that you would have visibility regardless of the platform you are using.

  • Track the Whole Family’s Fitness

Powered by Smart-Step technology, the Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor can track up to 16 different users, even without using a mobile phone that has the fitness app installed.

  • Easy Set-up

It takes about five seconds to put the batteries in, set your account up and start tracking your body measurements.

  • Fast Connection

This fitness scale has a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity which connects it to the app which then syncs the data to other fitness apps that you may have. The app is compatible with iOS 7-above and Android 4.3-above.

  • Comes in Two Colors

This product comes in two subtle colors; blue and white. All stylishly done to make this modern-looking scale fit anywhere.

  • Extra Large Display

Read your weight off the extra large LCD screen that has a warm and vibrant backlight for easy reading.

  • Extreme Weight Support

The fitness scale supports a weight range of three kilograms up to 180 kilograms.


  • The app syncs data from the scale to other fitness apps fast. The wireless connectivity is perfect for a modern lifestyle, and it ensures that everything is recorded.
  • The number of body measurements that the Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor can track is beneficial in analyzing how well your fitness plan is working for you.
  • The measurement that this smart scale takes is as accurate as it can be, with the others are bouncing off their algorithms from the weight.
  • The large LCD screen is helpful, and the warm, vibrant light is perfect for taking your measurements early in the morning.


  • The included app does not have the option to generate a report that can be presented to a physician for analysis.
  • The hard plastic case of this smart scale feels a little flimsy even with its 180kg scale limit.\
  • The Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor is a little small for a scale as people with larger feet and body builts would have a hard time standing on the platform, which can greatly affect the reading.
  • The scale would require you to have the app open and running while you are using it. Otherwise, the data would not sync correctly.


The Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor is an excellent addition to any fitness program especially with its accurate data readings and the number of body measurements that it can track. The ability to monitor 16 different users makes this scale more than just a personal scale, especially since the app can sync with other fitness apps that can provide a closer view of your health.


FitIndex Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale

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In comparison, the FitIndex Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale comes close to the features that the Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor has. It also comes with its fitness app that can sync with any other fitness app like Apple Health or Google Fit, and it can support both iOS and Android systems.

The FitIndex uses sensitive electrodes that are triggered by step-on technology which can measure up to 11 different body measurements for an unlimited number of users. It also has a large LED display and calibrates automatically as soon as you step on it.


The Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor comes out ahead of the FitIndex Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale with its more accurate and consistent measurements, as well as a more dependable app, as compared with the features that the FitIndex Scale has. The additional measurement that the FitIndex has is negligible enough while the rest of its readouts often come in different figures, often with the same person using the same scale five minutes apart.

Other than accuracy, the availability of colors also helps to make the Yunmai Smart Scale the better choice. The fast set-up and the wireless connectivity options are also some features that you may want to look at and see that Yunmai’s is the clear winner between the two.


As a cornerstone of any fitness plan, tracking your body measurements using the app provided by the Yunmai Body Fat Scale and Body Composition Monitor helps in determining the effectivity and efficiency of your actions as you can see daily and weekly progressions, which helps identify positive trends and eliminate negative ones.

Being a cornerstone, this means that you still need to make an effort to come up with a fitness plan, take action upon it, and do it regularly and consistently. A fitness plan only works when you put your mind and heart into it, and any gadget or dietary supplement that you can think of will help you achieve your goals, but it will never do the work for you.

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